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Car Accident Checklist: Taking Action after a Collision

Being involved in a car accident can be a traumatic experience, and knowing what steps to take in the aftermath can be overwhelming. To help you navigate this difficult situation, having a car accident checklist can provide guidance and ensure you handle crucial tasks effectively. In addition to fulfilling your legal obligations as a driver, seeking assistance from a Pennsylvania car accident lawyer is essential to protect your rights and explore your legal options. Here are some key points to include in your car accident checklist:

  1. Call 911

As soon as you are in a safe location, dial 911 to report the accident and request immediate assistance. Emergency responders will provide medical attention to any injured parties and help manage the scene. The police will also arrive to document the accident and create an official accident report, which can be valuable evidence for your claim.

  1. Seek Medical Care

Depending on the severity of your injuries, you may require immediate medical attention. If necessary, allow first responders to transport you to the hospital. However, if your injuries are less severe, it is still important to seek appropriate medical care. Visit the emergency room for serious injuries or an urgent care facility for same-day treatment. You can also schedule an appointment with your primary care physician for further evaluation.

  1. Exchange Insurance Details

Pennsylvania law mandates that drivers involved in an accident provide their insurance information to other parties involved. Make sure to obtain the name, policy number, and contact details of the at-fault driver. This information will be necessary when filing a claim with their insurance company.

  1. Gather Evidence at the Scene

Use your cell phone to capture visual evidence that can support your claim. Take photos and videos of the following:

  • Damage to vehicles
  • Your injuries
  • Traffic controls (lights, signage, lane markings)
  • Weather and traffic conditions
  • Nearby businesses with exterior security cameras
  1. Defer Calls from the Insurer

After an accident, you may receive calls from the other driver’s insurance company. It is crucial to exercise caution during these conversations. Only provide your name and contact information, and refrain from discussing the details of the accident. Instead, provide the claims adjuster with the contact information of your car accident lawyer. Avoid answering questions, making statements, or signing any documents without legal guidance.

Seek Legal Assistance from a Pennsylvania Car Accident Attorney

By following this car accident checklist, you can address the immediate aftermath of the collision and protect your rights when seeking compensation. For expert legal support, reach out to the Quinn Law Group in Philadelphia. Call (215) 360-3666 or visit our website to schedule a free case assessment with a skilled car accident lawyer.