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Philadelphia Negligent Security Attorney

Philadelphia Negligent Security Attorney

Our Philadelphia Negligent Security Attorney Protects Your Right

Negligent security claims are complicated. These cases are intricate and demand legal expertise. At Quinn Injury Lawyers, we work tirelessly to help victims and families seek the maximum financial compensation. Seek assistance from Quinn Injury Lawyers, our proficient New Jersey and Pennsylvania lawyers. Contact us at our Philadelphia office today for a free, no-obligation initial consultation. 

Businesses and Property Owners Should Ensure Premises Are Reasonably Safe

Understanding premises liability is crucial, encompassing a property owner’s responsibility to maintain a safe environment, not just from physical hazards but also from criminal activities. Crimes fall under the purview of negligent security lawsuits, a subset of premises liability claims. If you’ve been a victim of a violent crime due to inadequate safety measures on a property, you can file a negligent security lawsuit against the responsible parties.

Property owners, management firms, retail businesses, and security companies must take adequate precautions to shield visitors from criminal acts like robbery, assault, and murder. While absolute safety isn’t guaranteed, property owners are expected to implement sufficient measures, making them liable if they neglect this duty.

Examples of A Negligent Security Case

What does negligent security actually look like in practice? It depends on the specific circumstances. The security provisions that are expected to be taken by a business or a property owner depend on case-driven factors, such as the size of the company, the resources, and the reasonable expectations of patrons. In both Pennsylvania and New Jersey, businesses and property owners have a duty to take security measures that are at least as good as an ordinarily prudent party would have taken under similar circumstances. Here are some examples of negligent security.

  • Insufficient Lighting: Poorly lit areas, be it parking lots or buildings, heighten the risk of criminal activities like assaults and thefts during nighttime.
  • Broken Security Cameras: Inoperative security cameras compromise crime deterrence, rendering them ineffective in ensuring safety.
  • Inadequate Access Control: Failure to regulate property access, particularly in restricted areas, may allow unauthorized individuals to cause harm.
  • Poorly Maintained Fencing: Security fences lose their efficacy when in disrepair or have gaps, enabling unauthorized entry.
  • Lack of Security Personnel: Certain venues necessitate security presence. The absence, inadequate security, or insufficient training, can be considered negligence.
  • Negligent Hiring of Security Personnel: Beyond hiring security, proper background checks and training are crucial. Incompetence in hiring can lead to allegations of negligence.
  • Missing or Non-functioning Alarms: Alarms are rendered useless if missing or not adequately maintained, compromising their intended security function.
  • Unsecured Swimming Pool Areas: Inadequate safety measures around swimming pools, like fencing and lifeguards, can result in accidents and injuries.
  • Inadequate Cybersecurity Measures: Negligent security extends to cyber realms. Failing to implement proper cybersecurity measures can lead to data breaches, compromising customer information.

Where Does Negligent Security Occur?

Businesses, property owners, and public entities all have a general duty to take adequate security measures. Negligent security is pervasive and may transpire in various locations:

  • Commercial Properties: Businesses, shopping centers, hotels, and commercial establishments are expected to enforce security measures to safeguard customers and visitors.
  • Residential Properties: Property owners and landlords can be liable if they neglect known security issues, leading to harm to tenants or visitors.
  • Public Spaces: Government entities may face liability if they fail to provide adequate security in public spaces like parks, transportation hubs, or government buildings.

Common Venues for Negligent Security

A negligent security claim can be filed against a business or property owner who failed to take property care. Some of the most common defendants in these cases in the Philadelphia area include:

  1. Apartment Complexes: Common in high-crime areas, apartment complexes, and property managers may be targets in negligent security lawsuits.
  2. Bars and Nightclubs: Establishments serving alcohol have a duty to ensure patron safety, including addressing violence among patrons.
  3. Shopping Centers: Retail areas are expected to ensure customer safety through measures like video surveillance and adequate lighting.
  4. Hotels: High levels of security are expected in hotels, encompassing video monitoring, keyed access, and 24-hour staffing.
  5. Schools: Educational institutions must provide a safe environment for students, protecting them from violence.

Filing Negligent Security Claims

To pursue a negligent security claim, establishing fault is essential. Proof must demonstrate that the liable party was negligent in security provisions, directly linking this negligence to the harm suffered. The connection between negligence and resulting damages must be evident.

Given the complexity of negligent security cases, seeking legal assistance is paramount. Skilled attorneys can assess your circumstances, determining the viability of your case.

How Philadelphia Negligent Security Lawyer Sean Quinn Can Help

Navigating a negligent security claim is never easy. Our founder and lead attorney Sean Quinn has the professional skills and legal expertise to hold negligent businesses and property owners accountable. We are proactive and we are focused on ensuring that our clients are able to recover the absolute maximum financial compensation. When you contact our Philadelphia law office, you will have a chance to connect with a negligent security attorney who can: 

  • Hear what you have to say and answer questions about premises liability law; 
  • Investigate your negligent security claim—gathering relevant evidence; 
  • Represent you in settlement negotiations with insurance companies; and
  • Take action to help you get justice and the maximum financial support. 

Negligent Security Claims: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Negligent Security the Same Thing as Premises Liability?

No. Negligent security is a type of premises liability. While it is not the same thing, a negligent security case will fall under premises liability law. 

How Can Someone Prove a Negligent Security Claim?

To prove a negligent security claim, the plaintiff must demonstrate that the property owner or manager had a duty to provide a safe environment, breached that duty through negligence, and that this breach directly caused the plaintiff’s injuries. A comprehensive investigation is a must.

What is the Statute of Limitations in a Negligent Security Claim?

The statute of limitations for any personal injury is based on state law. In both Pennsylvania and New Jersey the statute of limitations for premises liability cases—including negligent security claim—is generally two years from the date of the incident. 

We Handle Negligent Security Claims on Contingency

You do not have to worry about the cost of retaining a top-tier attorney. At Quinn Injury Lawyers, our Philadelphia premises liability attorneys handle negligent security cases in Pennsylvania and New Jersey on a contingency fee basis. There are no hourly costs or out-of-pocket expenses for our clients. We only get paid when you get paid. Initial consultations are free and have no obligation.

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While not a familiar term to many, negligent security is a critical concept if you’ve suffered injuries on someone else’s property. Properties often lack proper security measures, making legal guidance essential.

Rely on Quinn Injury Lawyers New Jersey and Pennsylvania lawyers to navigate this process, helping you comprehend your legal rights. Schedule a free consultation today via our online form or by calling (877) 659-6070.

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