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Transitioning to the Trial Division, David’s tenure encompassed roles in the Municipal Court Unit, Juvenile Unit, and culminated in prosecuting major felonies in the Northeast Division Bureau. Notably, he conducted numerous jury trials involving complex violent crimes, earning a reputation for staunchly advocating for victims and the community.

Following his tenure with the District Attorney’s Office, David embarked on his entrepreneurial journey, establishing a thriving law practice focusing on criminal defense in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. His expertise extended to defending individuals in both state and federal courts, with a significant emphasis on assisting those convicted of serious offenses in challenging their cases.

As his practice flourished, David brought on a partner and developed an alternative practice model that served to provide complex legal writing services to fellow trial lawyers and law firms.  Specializing in motion and appellate brief writing nationwide, David’s collaborative approach facilitated victories in criminal and civil litigation spanning from coast to coast.

David was born and raised in Seattle and remains convinced that he will live to see the Mariners win the World Series. Until then, he spends his time running, reading, and enjoying the company of his wife, two children, and his best friend, Sam the goldendoodle. He lives in Cherry Hill and firmly believes donuts are a necessary food group.