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Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer

Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer

Hurt in an Accident in Philadelphia? Contact Our Personal Injury Firm for a Free Consultation

At Quinn Injury Lawyers, our Philadelphia personal injury lawyers advocate for justice, accountability, and the maximum financial compensation for injured victims. We take on the full spectrum of personal injury cases—from motor vehicle accidents to premises liability claims to medical malpractice cases. No matter the specific circumstance that you find yourself in, we have the professional expertise you can trust. If you or your family member was hurt in a bad accident, please contact us today for a free consultation with our experienced personal injury attorney.

We Handle All Types of Accident and Injury Claims in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Quinn Injury Lawyers is a boutique personal injury law firm. We are here to be your voice and your advocate after a serious accident. Our law firm is on the side of victims and families—not giant insurance companies. With a main office conveniently located right here on Market Street in Philadelphia, our firm is well-positioned to fight for justice for injured victims all across the region. Our personal injury lawyers are ready to take on the full range of accident claims. Along with other types of personal injury cases in Philadelphia, we have experience with: 

  • Car Accidents: Car accidents are the most common reasons why people seek emergency medical care for an injury in Pennsylvania. Factors such as speeding, distracted driving, and failure to observe traffic signals contribute to these incidents. Notably, the insurance claims process can be very challenging to navigate after a bad crash. Contact our Philadelphia injury lawyers today for a free initial consultation. 
  • Semi-Truck Accidents: Semi-truck accidents occur when large trucks collide with other vehicles. As tractor-trailers can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, these crashes often result in severe injuries and extensive property damage. These accidents can be caused by driver fatigue, improper loading, or inadequate truck maintenance. Hurt in a semi-truck crash? Our experienced personal injury attorneys are here to help. 
  • Motorcycle Accidents: Motorcyclists are vulnerable. With only limited protection, they are far more likely to be hurt in a crash. Our legal team has the professional experience needed to protect the rights of motorcycle accident victims. If you or your loved one was hurt in a motorcycle crash in Philadelphia, contact our personal injury firm today for a free case review. 
  • Bus Accidents: Bus accidents can cause serious injuries to multiple passengers, pedestrians, or other drivers due to the size and weight of the bus. Causes may include driver negligence, mechanical failures, or poor road conditions. We handle all types of bus accident claims—from private bus crashes to SEPTA bus accidents. 
  • Dram Shop Liability Claims: Dram shop liability claims hold alcohol-serving establishments accountable for serving alcohol to visibly intoxicated persons who later cause harm. Establishments face significant legal consequences if found liable. Notably, Pennsylvania has specialized dram shop laws in place. 
  • Train Accidents: Train accidents can happen in a wide range of different contexts—from railroad crossing collisions to derailments. These incidents often result from signal failures, operator errors, or track defects. Contact our experienced personal injury lawyer today for immediate help. 
  • Negligent Security: Premises liability law in Pennsylvania requires businesses and property owners to take proper care to protect the safety of customers and other guests. Negligent security issues arise when property owners fail to implement adequate security measures. A business or property owner may be liable for negligent security. Contact our Philadelphia personal injury law firm today for help with a premises liability case. 
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries: A traumatic brain injury (TBI) typically occurs from blows to the head or body, with symptoms ranging from mild concussions to long-term impairments. These injuries often result from accidents, falls, or violent encounters. Unfortunately, these brain injuries can cause long-term, even permanent impairments. We have extensive experience handling TBI claims in Philadelphia. 
  • Industrial Accidents: Industrial accidents happen in workplaces such as factories, manufacturing facilities, and construction sites. Some of the most common causes include equipment malfunctions, safety protocol breaches, or hazardous materials. We provide justice-focused legal advocacy to workplace accident victims in Philadelphia. 
  • Defective Products: Under Pennsylvania law, manufacturers and other corporations have a duty to ensure that their products are reasonably safe for consumers. A company may be strictly liable for harm caused by dangerous and defective products. Contact our Philadelphia personal injury law firm today for help with a product liability case. 
  • Nursing Home Neglect: Nursing home neglect involves the failure of care facilities to provide necessary care to elderly or disabled residents, resulting in harm or deterioration of health. Common forms include inadequate medical attention, poor hygiene, and malnutrition. We hold negligent nursing homes in Philadelphia accountable. 
  • Medical Malpractice: Medical professionals have a duty to provide adequate care. Malpractice occurs when healthcare providers—whether individual professionals (like doctors) or institutional providers (like hospitals)—offer substandard care that results in injury or death to a patient. Some common medical malpractice claims are failure to diagnose, misdiagnosis, surgical errors, misdiagnoses, and improper medication. 
  • Wrongful Death: The loss of a loved one in a preventable accident is a terrible tragedy. No family should ever have to endure something so heartbreaking. Following a fatal accident, grieving families need justice, closure, and financial support. Contact our personal injury lawyers today for immediate legal help. 

Every Accident Requires a Thorough Investigation By a Personal Injury Attorney

How do you hold another party legally liable for your accident? You must be prepared to prove that they bear fault for your injuries. In most cases, the fault is based on negligence—which is defined as the failure to take proper care. However, there are certain types of cases—such as defective product claims—that are subject to a strict liability standard in Pennsylvania. Regardless, all serious accidents should be thoroughly investigated by an experienced Philadelphia injury lawyer. 

Pennsylvania is a modified comparative negligence state. Simply stated, modified comparative fault is a legal doctrine that allows a damaged party to recover compensation even if they are partially at fault for the incident, provided their degree of fault does not exceed 50%. Under the Commonwealth’s system, the compensation an injured victim is entitled to receive will be reduced by the percentage of fault assigned to them. 

Here is an example of how partial fault could affect your personal injury claim in Philadelphia. Imagine that you sustained $40,000 in damages in a motor vehicle collision. An investigation revealed that you were speeding and, as a consequence, you are assigned 20 percent fault for the crash. Under Pennsylvania law, you could still seek compensation for your damages, but you would be liable for 20 percent of your own losses, or $8,000. Recovery would be reduced to $32,000. Every percentage point of fault matters. 

Personal Injury Claims are Subject to Strict Deadlines

Following a bad accident in Philadelphia, it is crucial to take a proactive approach. You do not want to miss out on your chance to bring a legal claim. All types of personal injury cases are subject to strict legal deadlines. In Pennsylvania, you generally have two years from the date of the injury to initiate legal action against the parties responsible for your harm. Failing to file within this timeframe typically results in the loss of your right to seek compensation through the courts. Do not wait to get started: Contact a personal injury law firm as soon as possible. 

We Fight for the Maximum Compensation for Injured Victims

In Pennsylvania, injured victims have the right to pursue financial compensation for the complete value of their losses, including their intangible damages. However, in practice, getting a fair settlement offer from an insurance company can be very challenging. The big insurers that defend most personal injury claims fight to pay out as little as possible. Our personal injury law firm is here to ensure that your best interests are protected. We fight aggressively to help injured victims recover the maximum financial compensation, including for: 

  • Property loss, such as automobile repairs; 
  • Emergency medical treatment; 
  • Hospital bills and other health care costs; 
  • Medication and medical equipment; 
  • Rehabilitative physical care; 
  • Mental health counseling; 
  • Loss of wages; 
  • Diminished future earnings; 
  • Pain and suffering; 
  • Emotional anguish;
  • Long-term disability; 
  • Loss of life enjoyment; and 
  • Wrongful death. 

Sean Quinn is a Top Philadelphia Personal Injury Attorney

Our founding attorney Sean Quinn is a nationally-recognized advocate for injured victims. With more than two decades of experience, attorney Quinn is not your typical legal advocate. With blue-collar roots and a fierce passion for justice, he cuts through the legalese and provides representation that is laser-focused on getting results for everyday people who have been victimized. With our firm, you will get access to an experienced personal injury attorney who offers: 

  • Deep Experience: Experience matters. You can benefit from working with an experienced personal injury attorney who has been there and done that before. Our firm brings decades of experience to the table. We handle a wide range of cases—from motor vehicle accidents to medical malpractice. It is our deep experience that gives us the knowledge, skills, and expertise to handle your case the right way no matter what might arise along the way. 
  • Personalized Attention: The legal strategy that works great for another person may not be well-suited for your personal injury claim. We know it. For that reason, our Philadelphia personal injury law firm ensures that each client we serve receives personalized attention. You are not just another case number. We take the time to understand the specific details of your situation, your personal concerns, and the impact the injury has had on your life. It is a narrowly tailored approach that allows us to represent our clients the right way. 
  • Fierce, Hard-Hitting Representation: We are aggressive and we are ready for a fight. Most personal injury cases in Philadelphia are resolved through a settlement—but that does not mean that getting justice is easy. Our Philadelphia personal injury attorneys are known for fierce, hard-hitting representation that aggressively pursues the maximum compensation you deserve. We are not afraid to stand up to large insurance companies and opposing counsel—pushing back against lowball offers and unfair practices. Whether in settlement negotiations or the courtroom, your voice must be heard
  • A Commitment to Results: Nothing is more important than results. You need full and fair financial compensation to put the pieces back in place after a serious accident. Our case results demonstrate our ability to get justice. We have recovered millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for injured victims in Pennsylvania, including right here in Philadelphia. We measure our success by the results we achieve for our clients 

The unfortunate reality is that you cannot rely on any corporation or insurance company to look out for your rights or your interests. They put their own bottom line first. You need a Philadelphia personal injury law firm that is willing to devote time and resources to your case. Our client testimonials tell the story best. Philadelphia personal injury lawyer Sean Quinn is standing by, ready to be your voice and your advocate. 

No Upfront Costs or Out-of-Pocket Fees: We Only Get Paid When You Get Paid

You do not have to worry about the cost of securing a top attorney when you work with Quinn Injury Lawyers. We represent injured victims on a contingency fee basis. There are no upfront costs for our hourly bills that need to be paid. Our Philadelphia personal injury law firm only gets paid when you get paid. Our legal fee is entirely contingent on ensuring that you secure financial compensation for your damages. No settlement/verdict, no fee. For a free, confidential, and no-obligation review of your case, contact our Philadelphia personal injury lawyer today. 

Personal Injury Claims in Pennsylvania: Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Do After an Accident?

Be proactive. Immediately after an accident in Philadelphia, you need to ensure your health and safety. Get yourself out of harm’s way and seek medical attention. You should also try to document the scene by taking photos and gathering witness contact information. A personal injury law firm in Philadelphia can help you navigate the claims process. 

How Do I Find the Right Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer?

To find the right Philadelphia personal injury lawyers, look for someone with experience in handling cases similar to yours and a strong track record of successful settlements or verdicts. You need a personal injury attorney who is ready to cut through the legalese and provide personalized legal representation focused on helping you recover the maximum compensation. 

Do I Need to See a Doctor to Bring a Personal Injury Claim?

Yes. In Pennsylvania, you need to see a doctor to be eligible to bring a personal injury claim. Medical records are crucial evidence. They document your injuries. Delaying medical care can weaken your claim and make it harder to link your injuries directly to the accident. Protect your health, your safety, and your ability to bring a legal claim by seeing a doctor right away after an accident. 

Should I Provide a Statement to the Insurance Company?

No—at least no without a lawyer. You should be cautious about providing a statement to the insurance company without consulting your Philadelphia personal injury attorney. Insurance adjusters often use statements to minimize their liability and reduce the value of your claim. A personal injury lawyer can handle all correspondence with the insurance company. 

Is Pennsylvania a No-Fault State for Car Accidents?

Pennsylvania is a “choice” no-fault state. It is a somewhat unique system. Pennsylvania’s no-fault car accident law is designed to streamline the process of paying for medical expenses resulting from a car accident. Under this system, each driver’s own insurance policy includes personal injury protection (PIP) coverage, which covers medical expenses after an accident regardless of fault. 

Victims typically file a claim with their own insurance company to receive compensation for medical costs up to the limit of their PIP coverage. However, Pennsylvania also allows drivers to opt out of the no-fault system when they choose “full tort” coverage. This type of coverage allows a victim to sue for pain and suffering and other damages, regardless of the severity of the injury.

Can I Step Outside of Pennsylvania’s No-Fault System and Sue a Negligent Driver? 

Yes—at least in certain situations. In Pennsylvania, you can step outside the no-fault system and sue a negligent driver if your injuries meet the state’s definition of a “serious injury.” You typically need to assert a significant impairment of body function or permanent disfigurement. You may also have a claim for your direct economic damages—medical bills, lost wages, etc—if your total costs exceed the value of your PIP coverage. 

How Do I Start Settlement Negotiations?

It depends. However, in most cases, settlement negotiations in a personal injury lawsuit typically begin after you send a demand letter and the insurance company has evaluated your claim. Your attorney will handle negotiations on your behalf, using your medical records, evidence of lost wages, and other damages to argue for a full and fair settlement.

What is a Demand Letter?

A demand letter is a formal document sent to the insurance company outlining your injuries, the circumstances of the accident, and a demand for compensation. It can be one of the most useful tools to move a personal injury lawsuit forward. A demand letter should always be drafted by a personal injury lawyer. When done right, it can deliver results. 

What is Negligence?

In the context of personal injury law, negligence is the failure to exercise reasonable care, resulting in harm or injury to another person. Most personal injury claims in Pennsylvania are based on negligence. To bring a successful claim on the basis of negligence, an injured victim must prove: 

  1. They were owed a duty of care by the defendant; 
  2. The defendant breached the duty of care; 
  3. There is a causation between the breach of care and your damages; and 
  4. You suffered real harm. 

How Does the Comparative Negligence Standard Work?

Pennsylvania is a modified comparative negligence state. You can still recover compensation for an accident even if you are partially at fault as long as your degree of fault is not 51 percent or higher. With that being said, your recovery will be reduced in proportion to your degree of fault. For example, if you are found to be 20 percent at fault for a distracted driving crash in Philadelphia, your damages will be reduced by 20 percent as well. 

What is the Value of My Personal Injury Claim?

It depends. A personal injury claim cannot truly be valued in the abstract. Instead, the value of your case will vary based on key factors such as liability and damages. You should not agree to settle a personal injury case until you understand its true value. Our personal injury lawyer is prepared to review your case to determine how much it is worth.  

Will My Personal Injury Case Go to Trial?

Not typically. Though, a trial is possible in any particular personal claim in Philadelphia. Most cases are resolved through a settlement. Indeed, less than five percent of personal injury claims go to court. A trial-tested Philadelphia personal injury lawyer can help you build a strong case for a settlement and, if needed, take your claim as far as needed to maximize your recovery. 

Contact Our Philadelphia Personal Injury Law Firm for a Free Case Review

At Quinn Injury Lawyers, our personal injury lawyers are standing by, ready to get started on your case. Hurt in a bad accident? You need a top personal injury lawyer on your side. Give us a call now or contact us online to set up your free, no-obligation initial consultation. From our Philadelphia office, we are a personal injury law firm that fights for the rights of injured victims throughout the region, including in Philadelphia County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, and Chester County.

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