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Navigating the Complexity of Personal Injury Insurance Claims in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, the majority of personal injury claims, especially those stemming from auto accidents, are intricately linked with insurance processes. However, the state’s unique auto insurance system can add a layer of complexity to this already intricate landscape.

Understanding Limited vs. Full Tort Coverage

Unlike many states, Pennsylvania employs a hybrid system, offering drivers a choice between “limited tort” and “full tort” coverage. Here’s a breakdown of the key distinctions:

  1. Full Tort Coverage:
  • Functions akin to an “at-fault” system, allowing the injured party to sue a negligent driver without constraints.
  • Enables the pursuit of both economic and non-economic damages, providing comprehensive compensation.
  1. Limited Tort Coverage:
  • Resembles a no-fault policy where your insurance company covers medical expenses, regardless of fault.
  • Generally more cost-effective, expedites payment, but restricts recovery to economic losses.
  • Imposes a threshold for filing a personal injury lawsuit, demanding the meeting of a “serious injury” criterion.

Navigating the Insurance Company Terrain

Whether under limited or full tort coverage, dealing with insurance companies follows a standardized process. The claimant or their legal representative initiates a claim, prompting an insurance adjuster’s investigation into the accident and assessment of the claim’s value. Subsequently, an offer is made based on the adjuster’s findings.

However, claimants should exercise caution, as initial offers often tend to be lower than the actual value of the claim. Insurers might leverage the urgency of the claimant’s financial needs. It is crucial never to accept an insurance settlement without consulting a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer, as accepting a settlement usually involves waiving the right to sue.

Why Quinn Injury Lawyers?

In any insurance scenario, your interests may not align with the insurance company’s priorities. If you’ve suffered significant injuries in an accident, seeking independent legal representation is paramount. Quinn Injury Lawyers, with its seasoned team of Philadelphia personal injury attorneys, stands ready to provide the guidance and advocacy you need. Reach out today for a free consultation and ensure your rights are protected. Call 215-360-3666 or connect with us online to schedule an appointment.