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Cherry Hill Car Accident Attorney

Cherry Hill Car Accident Attorney

Of all the diverse types of accident claims that are filed in Cherry Hill, those involving car accidents are some of the most common. Hundreds of thousands of people die in car accidents each year throughout the country, and even more people sustain serious injuries. Sometimes, the lives of accident victims are never the same after a crash. If you or someone you love has been hurt in a car accident, it is important to speak to a Cherry Hill car accident attorney who can advise you of your legal options and help you claim compensation that will offset the financial burden your injuries impose.

Common Causes of Car Accidents in Cherry Hill

Car accidents happen for several reasons in Cherry Hill. Still, there are three main reasons these crashes occur and they are as follows:

  • Negligent drivers: Negligence is a legal term meaning carelessness, and it is not intentional. Motorists may not pay proper attention to the traffic around them, or they may inadvertently fail to yield the right-of-way to another driver. Even though negligent drivers do not intend to cause an accident, they can still be held liable for any resulting injuries when they do.
  • Intentional violations of the law: The sad truth is that many drivers on the road simply do not comply with traffic law. Motorists who speed or who drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs typically engage in these actions intentionally. Drivers who engage in intentional and egregious acts can also be held liable for paying punitive damages.
  • Defective products: Accidents sometimes happen and none of the drivers at the scene are to blame. Manufacturers who release defective vehicles or defective parts onto the market can be held liable for failing to ensure that their products are safe. Faulty tires, braking systems, and steering columns are just a few of the most common types of defective vehicle parts.

Determining what caused an accident is not always as easy as it may first seem. For example, a driver may try to stop for a red light, but their brakes are defective and do not function properly. Although the manufacturer of those brakes may be the liable party, it may seem as though the driver of that vehicle is to blame.

Common Car Accident Injuries in Cherry Hill

Car accidents often happen at high speeds but even when they do not, the impact is very forceful. Occupants of vehicles can get thrown around inside their cars and can sustain many different types of injuries. The most common of these are as follows:

  • Whiplash: Although mostly connected to rear-end collisions, whiplash is a very common injury seen after car accidents. Whiplash occurs when the neck moves rapidly back and forth, similarly to the cracking of a whip. It is not uncommon for accident victims to think they were not injured during a crash only to start feeling pain in the neck and back from a whiplash injury in the following days and weeks.
  • Head injuries: Even when a seatbelt is securely fastened, a person’s head can slam against the steering wheel, dashboard, and other interior elements of the car during a crash. This can result in head injuries which cause blurry vision, headaches, and memory loss. Like whiplash, some head injuries such as concussions do not present symptoms right away.
  • Broken bones: Suffering from even one broken bone is extremely painful and costly, but car accident victims may sustain multiple broken bones during a crash. 

It is always critical to seek medical attention after an accident. Your health and safety is the most important priority after any car accident and it is critical that your injuries do not become worse.

What to Do After a Car Accident

Accidents happen in a second and they are unexpected. It is important to try and keep a calm head, so you can take the important necessary steps. These are as follows:

  • Call 911: Calling emergency services will bring both police and ambulance to the scene, and having these authorities present is important. In the case of the police, you may even be required to report the accident to them. Remain on the scene until the authorities arrive. When they do, tell the police what happened and seek medical attention.
  • Take pictures and video footage: If you are able, take pictures and video footage of the accident scene as a whole, the damage to the vehicles involved, and your injuries. The footage will serve as important evidence in your claim.
  • Exchange information with the other driver: Exchange contact information, driver’s license numbers, and insurance information with all other drivers involved.
  • Notify your insurance company of the accident: You should notify your insurance company of the accident even if you were not at fault for the crash. You can claim personal injury protection (PIP) benefits fairly quickly, and your policy likely includes a provision that requires you to report any accident. A Cherry Hill car accident attorney can speak to any insurance company on your behalf.

Our Car Accident Attorney in Cherry Hill Can Help You Claim Full Damages

Do not face the aftermath of a crash on your own. At the Quinn Law Group, our Cherry Hill car accident attorney can determine who is liable for your injuries, and accurately value your claim so the negligent party pays the full settlement you are entitled to. Contact us online to schedule a free review of your case.

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