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Philadelphia Explosion Injuries Attorney

Philadelphia Explosion Injuries Attorney

Though they may not be the most common accidents that cause fatalities and injuries in the US, explosions do tend to produce a significant amount of devastation when they occur. Unfortunately, data reveals that these tragic accidents are on the rise. Statistics indicate that there were 984 explosions or blast incidents in the US in 2020, representing a 37.6 percent increase from the year before. Dozens of people are killed in these accidents annually, and thousands more suffer serious injuries because of explosions.

Explosive incidents are preventable and only happen because of negligence. Therefore, you may have legal remedies against the person or entity that caused blast injuries. The Quinn Injury Lawyers can assist with the process, as we have the experience and knowledge necessary to ensure you receive fair compensation. Please contact our firm to schedule a free case evaluation with a Philadelphia explosion injuries lawyer. You can also learn more about your rights by reviewing some basics about these cases.

Causes Behind Explosion Accidents

The scientific definition for explosions is a sudden, violent expansion of an object, leading to an outward shockwave in the vicinity of the event. However, in the legal sense, explosions are usually caused by negligence. As a theory of liability, this term means you need to prove that the at-fault party’s failure to exercise reasonable care was the reason the accident happened. Specifically, explosion and blast incidents often occur due to:

  • Building fires that are fed by a backdraft.
  • Motor vehicle accidents where flammable fluids leak and ignite.
  • Truck collisions in which the cargo is hazardous substances.
  • Vehicle fires involving highly flammable EV batteries.
  • Intentional explosions that go awry, are a common threat on construction and excavation sites.
  • Airplane collisions involving leakage of jet fuel.

Types of Blast Injuries to Victims

The risk of burns is significant with explosions, including third-degree burns that penetrate multiple layers of skin. However, there are other injuries from blasts that you might not have considered, and which are extremely serious.

  • Blast lungs, damage to inner ears, and eye rupture frequently occur with powerful explosions.
  • Secondary blast injuries include lacerations from debris, including eye penetration from fragments.
  • Individuals can be tossed by the energy of the explosion, leading to harm you would expect from a slip and fall. Examples include broken bones, traumatic brain injury, and bruises.
  • Other medical consequences from an explosion include COPD, asthma, and respiratory conditions, resulting from inhalation of contaminants.

Legal Options for Victims

Your remedies after being injured by an explosion involve a civil lawsuit to recover compensation, though you will initially be dealing with an insurance company. Property owners, motorists, and businesses have insurance policies to pay for the losses of victims. After filing your claim, you will typically enter into settlement negotiations with the insurer. Some claims are settled, but it will be necessary to litigate if the company does not agree to a fair amount.

When an explosion occurs on a construction site, excavation area, or other places of employment, your remedies are through the state workers’ compensation system. You do not need to prove fault by your employer to obtain benefits, but you are barred from filing a lawsuit.

How a Skilled Lawyer Can Assist with the Legal Process

Through settlement or a court case, you may qualify to recover for your medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and many other losses. It is our goal at Quinn Injury Lawyers to ensure you receive the full amount of compensation allowed by law. A Philadelphia explosion injuries attorney will tackle such important tasks as:

  • Retaining experts and accident reconstruction specialists to investigate the causes of the explosion.
  • Reviewing all evidence to establish negligence by the at-fault party.
  • Assessing your medical records.
  • Preparing and submitting documents to the insurance company, along with a request for payment in the relevant amount.
  • Attempting to negotiate a settlement with the insurer.
  • Drafting documents to initiate a civil lawsuit for explosion injury damages.
  • Representing you in court throughout the litigation process.

Our Philadelphia Explosion Injuries Attorneys Will Support Your Legal Needs

Information about the process is helpful, but it takes skilled legal representation to make sure you are fairly compensated for your injuries after a blast accident. You can trust Quinn Injury Lawyers to aggressively pursue those responsible for causing your losses, so please contact us today. You can set up a no-cost consultation by calling (215) 709-8923 or checking us out online. After reviewing your circumstances, a Philadelphia explosion injuries lawyer can explain how the laws work.

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